Thursday, October 18, 2012

Subic Bay Dumping

Those of us who happen to enjoy living near the shoreline know that we have to be on the alert for things that will mess with our quality of living.  Things that pollute our bay must be reported so that we can ensure the cleanliness of the bay for the future generation of Bugle readers.  Recently there have been several reports of locators within the Freeport of not following the proper protocols in the dumping of waste water in the bay.  You can read one of them here from the PhilStar.  The Bugle is happy to hear news that these offending firms will be taken to task for their dirty deeds. 

Now if only we could have someone check out those "honey wagons" and follow them to see where they have been dumping their dirty discharges.  Now you may ask how did the Bugle hear about something like that?  Well The Bugle has a little story to tell.  Several years ago the Bugle's toilet was not flushing properly and after looking into the status of his septic tank he realized that it was time to get it pumped out.  So the Bugle told one of his workers to get one of the septic services to come and pump out the tank.  This worker went out to one of the local firms in Olongapo and in order to facilitate them arriving at the correct address this worker rode along in the "honey wagon".  Prior to coming out to the Bugles residence the driver of the truck to my worker out to one of the local rivers.  When asked why they were stopping at the river the driver/operator told him "This is where we discharge the waste"

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  1. Check this out:

    it's the real score regarding the subic bay toxic waste dumping!!!


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