Thursday, October 25, 2012

Botolan Wildlife Farm

The Bugle went out on a little road trip the other day and decided he was going to finally check out something that he had been curious about for several years.  The Botolan Wildlife Farm.  For 85p for Adults and 75p for children you can't go wrong.  They had an small yet impressive collection of animals on display.  The place was clean and best of all the animals weren't on the verge of starvation like several of the animals being kept in the Manila zoo.  The kids there all seemed to enjoy running around the manicured grounds and checking out the various enclosures.  The monkeys seemed to get a lot of attention from the kids but the Bugle thought the Philippine Eagles and the Tiger were the must sees while at the park. 

Driving to the place was fairly simple just follow the signs off the National highway.  Drive slow when going over the bridge that is on the dirt road that acts as an entrance to the place as the drop off is a bit steep.  All in All an easy place to let the kids burn off some calories.

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