Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meat: You Know You Want Some

Monterey is the latest entry into Barretto's retail meat business. Brettos has been around for awhile. Then we have Subic Meats and Fresh Options. Each has something unique to offer as each possess things the others do not.

Brettos is definitely the only deli style operation with a wide variety of sliced meat and cheeses. They sell some hard to find food condiments such as mint jelly and European mustard. They also sell turkeys and hams for the holidays.

Subic Meats has some excellent bread and bakery items such as English muffins and cinnamon rolls. The beef here is stored in vacuum sealed packages and is usually a pretty good deal. The Bugle also thinks their bacon is the best.

Fresh Options is the place for fresh chicken and pork. If your kids only eat drumsticks you can buy fifty at a pop. They also carry local style meat products that can just be heated up and served. (sisig, tocino and such)

And now along comes Monterey with a pleasing, sanitary layout and a 21st century feel to it. Monterey has 'presentation' in that you can visually inspect what looks good to you. Much of their meat is pre-seasoned. BBQ sticks are all set for the fire.

Just for fun the Bugle priced chicken breasts at all four businesses. Keep in mind there are some variables. Brettos and Subic Meat are frozen and filleted. Fresh Options and Monterey are fresh and include skin and bone. The kilo price of chicken breasts at Brettos was P220, Subic Meats P239, Fresh Options P144 and Monterey P142. Monterey Meat is located next to Dunkin Donuts on National Highway.

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  1. Subic Meats has wonderful salmonburgers (2 types)- 4 pack @P180.

    Bretto's has tasty sauerkraut - all cabbage, no liquid - very large can @P145.


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