Sunday, December 22, 2013

10 Things the Bugle Hates About Christmas in the PI

With this being the so called Christmas season the Bugle has a few issues with how the locals like to celebrate the holidays.  If any of our readers have more suggestions the Bugle would love to hear about them.  

1. Beggars masquerading as Christmas carolers. 

2. Where's my Christmas?

3. Anyone with a beard is called Santa Claus.

4.  Christmas music starting in September.

5.  The number of visitors to one's house on Christmas day expecting gifts.

6.  Caroler's whose only musical instrument is a tambourine.

7. The lack of snow.

8. The cost of turkeys and hams

9. Dancing girls wearing red elves hats

10. Beggars


  1. city employees handing out envelopes, people you haven't seen in a year suddenly find you, walking into a place and the first thing you hear is "where's my present".

  2. 2AM wake-up Dec 24 for the last trip to the market, were the price of everything is increased 50% since yesterday.


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