Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pool, Darts and Random Thoughts

A few comments from the readers on our local pool and dart leagues:

Pool and darts are important now? What happened to discussion of the Olongapo floods and landslides? That's all not important anymore until it happens again? Has shit river been dredged? Is there still garbage in the streets? What is the mayor doing to prevent future man made disasters? How short peoples attention spans are here. Are we to believe darts and pool are as important as Olongapo floods and landslides that actually killed people. C'mon Bugle you can do better. It's your blog! 

One thing is obvious from this blog, darts and pool are far more important than education ever has been in this society. Many, if not most, children don't even reach the sixth grade in the Philippines, but never dare to slight a kanto boy's right to play pool and darts wherever and whenever he wants. Yet people still are unable to even acknowledge this country has so many problems or demonstrate sufficient resolve to make it better. Meanwhile, the best and brightest are fleeing in droves to other countries for a better life for their families.

Bigots and trash... By the way, "Eurotrash" is a new one. I bet you would run at Olympic record speed to the nearest Olongapo money changer, if just one of their coins would happen to fall into your open palm raised to the heavens. Now, we've gotten to the essence of the world famous Po... Ever noticed it smells like shit? The locals don't seem to notice and they never give a damn... until it all backs up to become the largest toilet in the world. Please don't flush! Oh, that's right, no worries. Flush isn't something that ever works there anyway. "For a while..." The government is somewhere, doing something that we don't know and will never find out. But, it's the US Navy's fault, right. Where's the US Navy... but only when and if we need them. Yup, any sane person should be able to follow that logic. But, we don't like it if anyone looks over our corrupt shoulder. "God of the Great Monsoons and Typhoons," please, just one monster tsunami to clean up the bigots and trash, 

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  1. The Philippines doesn't believe in birth control, but Mother Nature does. See what happens?


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