Monday, December 2, 2013

Where Art Thou Mr. Bugle

The following post came in anonymously from one of our readers: 

What makes you think that all these bloggers live here? You sure are good at over-reaching assumptions. Doesn't Bugle know that there is a mass exodus of Filipinos and foreigners FROM the Philippines, not into it. Get real and stop the ridiculous propaganda. The population is only increasing due to an ignorant population that can't control themselves, I would bet Bugle that you are one of them. Nobody volunteers to live in the Philippines if they can get a visa and live in a developed country, unless they have screws loose like their jeepneys. 

From the Bugle:  Not sure which one of the types of people you referred to in your post that you would like the Bugle to be but rest assured we are neither ignorant and we can control ourselves.


  1. what a stupid rant,almost not worth the time it takes to comment on such drivel.surprised the author has the capability to write!!!

    1. Let me guess... maybe the education level of a tricycle driver is represented by this comment, if you can clean up the sentence fragments, punctuation, capitalization and spaces. Next time, you can work on improving your ability to express a complete thought, with some facts to support a premise.

  2. living in Philippines is like living in a toilet...dumbest, most corrupt and backward people on earth--- and I have traveled a lot...NOTHING works properly in the PHILS....its OK to visit for the gals, cheap eats and 1980s rock and roll live bands...the reader is right, The Bugler emits non stop propaganda, competely in denial of the realities of the PHILS...what a joke, Bugler...if you ever posted an editorially honest and informative comment, and faced the problems instead of endless Pollyanna-ish garbage about the so called high flying PHILS economy, that would be a relief...

  3. I agree with the reader. Bugler likes to post what isn't, NOT what is. Change the motto to "Happy Horsemanure".

  4. Bugle, this post was originally submitted as a comment to a previous post several weeks ago. I believe you do a disservice to your readers when you take a comment and intentionally display it out of context, significantly separated from the original post, like you have done here. Your readers are therefore prevented from knowing the connection.

    I would recommend that you display comments as they come in, attached to the original post as intended by the contributor. Otherwise it appears that you are trying to manipulate the post to fit some kind of agenda. I could be wrong, but it is a perception.

    It's your blog and you can obviously do what you want, but I believe it affects your credibility and the value of the blog.


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