Monday, December 9, 2013

Dredging Starts in Olongapo

This from the Sun Star
Sunday, December 8, 2013
OLONGAPO CITY -- The City Government here has found a way to dredge its river channel, after the massive flooding in August and September and the recent outbreak of leptospirosis due to the flood.
The dredging operation started after SM Prime Holding donated a backhoe worth P2.4 million in an effort to help the debt-ridden city unclog its river channel.
Olongapo is currently dealing with the P5.1-billion debt left by the previous administration, including some other loans that have matured.
“The donation of SM is a big help to the city, we cannot afford to buy any equipment due to lack of funds,” said Mayor Rolen Paulino.
Olongapo City mayor inspects dredging operation
OLONGAPO. Mayor Rolen Paulino inspects the ongoing dredging operation at the East Bajac-bajac flood gate, which serves as main outlet of water coming from the inner part of the city. (Anthony Bayarong)

He said other businessmen are also helping his administration dredge the city's river slowly. “Two dump trucks have also been lent to us by a private auctioneer inside Subci Bay Freeport and another two, which are now being used in another site came from private indivuduals.”
The backhoe donated by SM arrived last December 2 and was used immediately in the dredging operation.
“I have tasked the engineering office to immediately start the dredging of the Kalaklan River, this may not permanently rid out the flood but it w ll lower it,” Paulino said.
He added that the City Planning and Development Office is now trying to determine the cause of the flooding and find a solution to the problem.
Last August and September, the city suffered its worst flooding in years after the previous administration failed to desilt the long stretch of Kalaklan River that serves as the main water channel going out to Subic Bay.
Another desilting effort is being conducted in the Banicain River. It started in August.
Zambales Representative Jeffrey Khonghun (1st district), meanwhile, said that he already asked the Department of Public Works and Highways to conduct a separate dredging program along the upstream of Sta. Rita River and at the mouth of Kalaklan River.
Khonghun’s hometown of Subic also suffered massive flooding during the rainy season.
He said a desilting program is also being implemented in the municipality of Subic. (Sunnex)


  1. This would be a joke if it was funny... A backhoe and 2 broken junkyard dump trucks? That's not dredging equipment. They must have hired the same contractors that are fixing the SCTEX Porac bridge that collapsed. Only the propagandists at Bugle would promote this bull!

  2. Acta non Verba....obsecro.

  3. Sure, this won't even take care of one drop from the floods. This is only a politician photo op and they expect the people to believe this crap will fix the problem. What happened to the dollars given to Olongapo for flood relief by American Ambassador Harry Thomas? Has Bugle asked that question yet?
    They haven't spent any of it on dredging equipment, obviously. They depend on handouts, then the relief money goes in their pocket! Wake up people. That's how 5.2 billion pesos disappeared from the Olongapo government. Nothing is being done about that either.

  4. Yeah, right... What's described here is not dredging. Only a fool would believe this worthless photo op.


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