Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Positive Thinking is What We Need

Hey Bugle.. your tag line above "It is what it is", says it all. We all choose to live here for one reason or another. Even the ones that bitch and moan continue to live here for one reason or another. The PI will always be the PI. No point trying to change anything and equally no point bitching about it all the time. Go with the flow and enjoy the good things, understanding that we are in a 3rd world banana republic and it's precisely for that reason many of us choose to live here. Not to change it and make it like home, but to embrace it with all it's warts because it's fun and exciting to be an expat. Floods? Admit that it's going to happen again, and prepare. Don't get wiped out and then sit back and complain. Why worry about the crooks and politicians (oops.. redundant)? Worry about yourself and your loved ones and your buddies. 


  1. Sure... I suppose that's an ok comment if you're sitting in a bar watching life go by outside and you don't have family to take care of.

    But if you do have a family, and a home and things that you still value in life, then you want to take an "active part" in protecting your family and home and not just let things continue to happen as they are now. Things can and do change for the good through the efforts of well-meaning people, no matter how difficult it may seem at times. Our children still need to go to school everyday and our wives must do the shopping for the family. Even if some of us feel as though we are retired... we are NOT retired from life.

    These are two very different viewpoints, that depend on the lifestyle and goals of the reader.

  2. Re: More positive thinking. Best summation of of life in our community to date. The reader nailed it.

  3. This could very well be the mayor's viewpoint also... That's the problem!


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