Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reader's Thoughts on Flood Control

You're pissing in the wind... Do you really expect anything to come of this post. We will be at the exact same place next year. That's just the way it is in the Philippines. And of course, they don't want foreigners looking over their corrupt shoulders and telling them what to do... just like we saw in Tacloban. One thing they ARE good at is soliciting foreigners to do the disaster relief for them and putting foreign dollars in their corrupt pockets. Anything else is generally never done. This is a two class society, criminals at the top and the vast poor majority at the bottom. The criminals will never change and upset their apple cart. And even more surprisingly, most of the poor don't seem interested in change either. Sad... but true. Yes, most foreign observers are tired of hearing the same conversation over and over... yawn. But we are also tired of the those foreigners that think that words will fix the problem. "Pretty please..." doesn't work here. on Flood Control

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