Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baretto's Deli

The Bugle was feeling a bit hungry the other afternoon and decided to get out of his usual rut of beer joints and try a bite at the Baretto's Deli that opened not too long ago,  For those of you who haven't been inside yet it is located right next door to the Route 69 club on the National Highway.  The Bugle was impressed it was a newly decorated really clean establishment.  The prices might seem a bit on the high side at first but when you take a close look into the quality of the food that is being served and the size of the portions it actually is a fair price.  The burger menu was huge you have a choice between half pound and full pound burgers with all the trimmings and different styles to boot.   The Bugle decided on an Italian style sandwich on Panini bread.   While the Panini wasn't grilled/toasted the sandwich was quite good. No skimping with the lettuce here, there was at least a 1/2 inch of lettuce on the sandwich with some real nice tomato slices also.  The meats were all fresh and plenty of them.  Old Mr. Bugle was quite sated after leaving this fine establishment.


  1. Yes, it's unusually clean for Baretto. Maybe because it's new. But, the lettuce is yellow and there sure are a lot of worthless veggies on the rather small meat subs. The one I had begged the question, "Where's the beef?" My party of 3 were the only ones in the restaurant the entire time and we all agreed there was no reason to ever go back. Bottom line: Like so many restaurants here catering primarily to expats, it's way overpriced!

  2. Food is good but they skimp on the amount of meat for the price. My opinion.

  3. Skimpy serving of meat, compared to the Ratio of Vegetables & Bread! Where's the MEAT!!!! Unsat!!! Other than that it is a Clean New Overpriced - Vegan Leaning Restaurant!


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