Friday, November 8, 2013

Successful Oktoberfest

We took this picture early Sunday morning before the area got going. It followed very busy and fun Friday and Saturday nights. Sitting behind Trader Ric's the beach location was prime. This event was organized. It had a perimeter security fence that was un-breached by vendors. No one hassled you to buy Viagra, ice cream, shells, necklaces or DVD's. Pizza, tacos, chicken, pork-on-a-stick were all available and fairly priced. All beer was P40. There were raffles, beer and hot dog eating contests, trivia competitions and kids games. Live music from the stage was non-stop.Proceeds went to a dental outreach program. Congrats to the people who worked on this. and thanks to San Miguel Corporation for the stage, tables and tents.

1 comment:

  1. calling an October event "Octoberfest"is wholly misleading when there wasn't a single German beer to be this usage misleading or did i miss something?


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