Monday, November 11, 2013

Readers response

For your information the US Military was assisting with evacuation efforts and rescuing people in Olongapo using men and equipment. Conspicuously absent were the Filipino politicians and their emergency response teams. Red cross (Dick Gordon) and his body guards showed up for a photo op but left quickly in his fleet of SUV's. Exactly what did you expect the military to do? Fix the broken infrastructure that contributed to the floods? Where were the evacuation centers? Where could someone get clean water and a bowl of rice? The entire situation is a national disgrace. on Where Was the US Military?

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  1. The Philippine government is dysfunctional because of the corrupt in their government. The word corrupt has been used so much in the Philippines that it rings hollow today. Thieves and criminal are more appropriate descriptors.

    Bugle trumpets Philippine propaganda about how the Americans are envious of Subic and Clark. Both are corrupt and dysfunctional by any honest measure, just like the rest of the country!

    The people of Tacloban and the rest of the Visayas affected by the recent typhoon are relying on American aid and humanitarian relief. America, primarily through its military, provides significant assistance for every Philippine calamity.

    God Bless America! Without the American military, Filipinos would have no hope. It's a national disgrace for the corrupt in the Philippine government. But criminals feel no shame!


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