Monday, November 18, 2013

Readers Comment on Who's Begging Who

Foreign aid is assistance given by one country to another because it needs help. The Philippines is given aid because it asks for it. The SCTEX for example was built with Japanese assistance. In fact, very little is built in the Philippines without foreign assistance. Much of this aid and assistance goes into corrupt pockets. I'm wondering if you aren't personally connected to the corruption. This would explain your unusual zeal to propagandize and defend such a corrupt country. 

Hey Bugle, the last sentence of your comment says a lot about you. You don't have a clue! You use a local Filipino propaganda article as proof of what you say? Get real! Nobody believes anything you say about a country as corrupt, fake and insignificant as the Philippines. You're not even a good critic of burgers or local imitations of restaurants. Thank God your bugle sound doesn't even work anymore. Inflate your ego, go fill a pothole for SBMA..

suggest you check the books of the IMF.when was the money handed over?when was the loan repaid?when was the interest paid and how much was it?you may note that the 1 billion dollar loan was reported by a person enjoying a highly paid job and i suggest you don't always believe what you read.a tad dangerous! 

BEGGING perhaps is the wrong term. I note every time The President returns from overseas he sprukes about his success with obtaining GRANTS. It seems to be a point of success????? Perhaps any budget announcment should be tempered with offsets of AID recieved that doesnt have to be paid back. I know the Australians a nation of 21 million are giving A$143 million in AID this calender year that doesnt have to be repaid. Its good to see the Philippines becoming a Good World Citizen BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Philippines has a surplus these days and have paid back the world bank why not repay some of the money given over the years. Dont quote CHINA too loudly the reason China wanted all their money back was the project that it was borrowed for was never built the Nth Luzon Rail. The temirity they wanted there money back I bet that caused palputations in Malacanyang.

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