Friday, November 15, 2013

Some of our readers seem to know Where the Rebar is?

And where pray tell do you see REBAR in roads in the Philippines. I watched to my disgust all the work in Olongapo when they rebuilt the National Hwy.Not one bit of rebar. Rebar may have had to been to be supplied in Scope of Works. But is it any surprise it wasnt in the finished product, If as we understand NOW how the Pork Barrell works 45% of the budgets get syphoned off to politicians why would you expect this to be any different the Japanese were made to use Filippina Contractors , how did they get the contract except by bribing politicians This is the same road that collapsed between Dinapulipian and Tipo within one month of the opening funny thing exactly the same thing happened, the road sagged either side of the bridge even today you can feel the jump where the road collapsed.

IVE NEVER SEEN REBAR IN ASHPHALT/ TAR The main bridge will have rebar because it was concrete, the road will not unless it is cement as well, did the road base and tar road wash away first then the concrete?? just like the bridge in Dinalupian right after the tollway was finished.

Isn't that road made from Asphalt? You don't put rebars in asphalt. The problem seems to be lack of proper road bed (compacting, etc.), causing the road bed to erode and wash away. 

Is this a concrete road??????????? with tar on top of it. If just an ashphalt road they dont use rebar, little point as the ashphalt is flexible. The bridge is concrete and has to have rebar for the flexilbilty/strength Ive seen rebar in roads up in Ilsa Norte over one inch bar but this was a concrete road. Olongapo City, concrete roads NO REBAR what do you expect though from the family that has run away to the States who we hope will only return to face Plunder Charges.

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  1. The BOTTOM LINE is that the bridge collapsed and it shouldn't have. Where are the results of a proper investigation or even preliminary investigation? History shows that it will NEVER be published. The SCTEX is only a few years old, but it has more temporary patches than original road. The reason? What else... CORRUPTION. Pretty soon the improvised "Bailey Bridge" will collapse if nothing is done. You can already feel as you drive over the bailey bridge that the joints are expanding significantly since it was put in as an "emergency" measure. Men doing repairs are hardly moving to get the job done. It's going to happen again!


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