Thursday, November 21, 2013

So Who Ya Gonna Call?? DTI of Course

Our readers seem to have had a plethora of problems at McDonalds and some have passed on some very useful information.  Kudos to our readers.  On McDonalds McProblems

This is so true. Their drinks keep getting smaller and smaller. You order a large drink and the receipt shows 16oz but the cup is only 12oz. I was also surprised about their so called VIP Drive through Promo. I got one of their stickers and the next day they said the promo didn't apply to breakfast. This is another SBMA sponsored dishonest business. You can also complain at the DTI(Department of Trade and Industry) office here in Olongapo. Anytime you have a complaint with a business just go to the office, fill out a form and they will assign a DTI investigator. If the business is found to be violating the law, their license will be suspended or revoked. This office is excellent and fair! Leonila T Baluyut Provincial Director 2F Palm Crest Bldg 765 Rizal Ave West Tapinac Olongapo City (047) 222-0624 0917-500-6101

They also tried to charge me 15p for milk in my coffee. Not every one drinks the chemicals in Whitener. I can get a Litre of UHT Milk for 68 Peso, tant would be 34 shots of milk. A geat mark up if they can get it. So they lept the coffee that was made and poured, And my breakfast tooo. Thats the only way drive off and make your complaint polite. The young staff are only doing what they are instructed to do. Blame lies with MacDonalds for selling the Franchise to a Philippine Company. PS have you seen the size of the Little Macs now. 

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