Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So Where Mas the Mayor? Our readers Share some Insight

the mayor in america?why is everybody so shocked?it seems to be a right of passage that when elected,a visit to the u.s. is mandatory.you've got to know where to send the billions when your windfall happens and get a good feel for the local housing market for your retirement home(based on your dual nationality). if i want to transfer money anyplace and i have to jump through hoops,but if the money is transferred "legit",then no problem that it's blood money sucked from the decent tax payer "isn't my problem"attitude seems to prevails.

All AID should cease to these corrupt Countries until they sort out their affairs bringing their country into the 21st Century. Now there is The DAP SCAM to follow on from the PORK BARRELL SCAM. What about the GORDON FAMILY SCAMS. EXTRADITE THE GORDONS , JAIL THE POLITICIANS. Then we talk again about AID. The New Mayor may have been away on business I will give him the benifit of the doubt. But NO AID except humanitarian AID should go to the Philippines and then only with VERIFICATION WITH BOOTS ON THE GROUND until they rid themselves of these corrupt politicians and people wind up in JAIL. NO MORE AID should be the western worlds mantra. By the way isnt the Philippines the new ASIAN TIGER An economy in SURPLUS!!!!!!!!!!

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