Wednesday, November 13, 2013


One only needs to look at a Philippine jeepney to get a feel for the place, often described internationally as the "Sick Man of Asia" and recently the "Gates to Hell." The self proclaimed "King of the Road" is a garish, rude, overbearing, noisy, vulgar, smoke belching yet comical fake, driven by an undisciplined, ignorant road hog. Although Filipinos repeatedly like to compare it to a WWII jeep, as they always love to compare themselves to America, when you scratch beneath the surface of the circus like multi-colored exterior you find nothing but pure imitation. F. Sionil Jose, a notable Filipino author, even characterizes his own people in his award winning book titled "The Pretenders." Despite questionable recent ratings, there continues to be a massive exodus of desperate Filipinos fleeing from it's shores searching for a way to survive. Remittences by those refugees back to the Philippines to support their more unfortunate relatives left behind is the only thing propping up the on More Bad News for the Philippines' Haters

TOTAL BS on so called improved PHILS credit rating. Turns out the numbers have been manipulated re the so called "surplus" which segued into the pork barrel-- which as you should know by now-- has all apparently been stolen....political chaos on the horizon in goes all the way to the top....dream on, Bugler...ask any Filipino where they would rather live, in the toilet of the Philippines or in the US... on More Bad News for the Philippines' Haters

What makes the Bugle curious is where all this hate is coming from?  If you live here there obviously has to be a reason for that.  I mean if you didn't want to live here and you have an option to move/change your life why wouldn't you do that instead of continually banging your head on a wall.

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  1. Where is all the hate coming from? You call them PI haters. No, they are people that hate corruption. Why don't you like them observing what is so obvious. That's why corrupt politicians want foreign media like CNN, BBC and ABC to "go home"... Because they report the truth about the Philippines for all the world to see.


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