Saturday, November 23, 2013

Freeport Rumors

While the following post came in as a reply to a successful Octoberfest.  We at the Bugle feels that it deserves its own title as it had nothing to do with Octoberfest at all.

According to rumors, the Subic Bay Freeport Exchange is going out of business. They are unable to renew their lease and they are obviously downsizing and trying to sell all their remaining stock. Many of their food products are leftover and stale. I would be very careful in buying any of their remaining items. They are already far more expensive than what you can buy in town. The Subic Bay Royal Exchange is cutting back also and many of their products are stale. They have significantly reduced the variety of the imported items. How can it be Duty Free when most of their items are local not imported? Disinformation seems to be the unspoken rule at the Subic Bay Freeport.

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