Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Were the Americans Even Asked to Help? Our Loyal Readers Share their Thoughts

Bugle that photo looked a TAD OLD maybe the men in their suits and ties were not in Ayala because it wasnt there when that picture was taken. But I understand the premis of the debate. Perhaps the US would be more inclined to help if they hadnt been continually ripped by the Philippine Government, If they had the man power HERE. If they had been asked????? Lets face it America has its own problems they cant be worried about what we think is a clamity , what they probably would consider as a minor local problem, Consider the Colorado Floods this year, that makes Olongapo floods look like a burst water pipe did the Philippines offer any support even vocal would have been nice. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Hey Bugle: The U.S. military has a proven track record for more than a century of helping the Philippines in disasters. Rest assured, that if the Philippines asked for it, the U.S. would have provided it if they could... in conjunction with Philippine forces. What was obvious in this situation was that Philippine leadership was no where to be found! Even you Bugle haven't come up with an answer or excuse for the absence of the mayor during the always disaster filled typhoon season. I hear the SBMA chairman was also out of town, as he often seems to be. The Philippine military, Coast Guard, Red Cross and police should be first responders. Where were they? This is not unusual in the Philippines, where disaster response is typically minimal at best. Finally, remember there is no SOFA... because the Philippines doesn't want one! What a selective memory most people have here in the Philippines. There is only a Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) which provides a very limited legal framework for these forces.

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